Custom Forged Steel Auto Parts

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Forging is a metalworking process that involves shaping and forming metal objects through the application of heat and pressure. It is a highly specialized technique that has been used for centuries to create a wide range of products, from simple hand tools to complex machinery components.

The forging process involves heating the metal to a specific temperature where it becomes malleable and deformable. This heated metal is then subjected to a compressive force through the use of a hammer or press, which causes it to flow and take on the desired shape.

There are several different methods of forging, each with its own unique advantages and applications. These include open-die forging, closed-die forging, and roll forging. Each method uses a different approach to shaping the metal and can be used to produce different types of products with varying degrees of precision.

Overall, forging is a highly versatile and efficient method of shaping metal that is used in a variety of industries, from automotive and aerospace to construction and manufacturing.


Service OEM ODM
Material Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass
Application Industry Machinery, Automotive, Electricity
Machining Process CNC Lathe, CNC milling center
Heat Treatment Hardening, Quench+ Temper
Surface Treatment Zinc plating, Powder coating, Painting, Anodizing
Quality Control PFMEA, PPAP, APQP, Control Plan, MSA
Machining Tolerance ±0.005mm, ISO2768-mk
Testing Facilities Spectrometer, CMM, Callipers, micrometer, projector Load test machine, Hardness tester, rough meter

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