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Custom Forged Brass Elbow and Straight Head Adapters

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Brass forging is a metalworking technique used to create solid brass components by heating, pressing, and shaping brass billets or bars. Brass forging allows for intricate and detailed designs to be achieved, making it a popular choice for creating decorative and functional brass products.

The brass forging process begins with the selection of the appropriate brass alloy, which is then heated to a malleable temperature. Once heated, the metal is placed on a large, heavy-duty press where it is shaped into the desired form using intense pressure. This pressure can be applied using different types of presses, including hydraulic presses and mechanical presses, which provide varying levels of force.

After the initial shaping, the brass is often annealed, or heated and cooled slowly, to make it more malleable and easier to work with. At this point, additional details may be added to the brass using specialized tools such as hammers, dies, and cutters. Finally, the brass is polished and finished to achieve the desired aesthetic and functional properties.

Overall, brass forging is a versatile and effective way of creating high-quality brass products, from small decorative pieces to large industrial components. The technique requires skilled craftsmanship and specialized equipment, but the resulting products are durable, attractive, and well-suited to a wide range


Service OEM ODM
Material Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass
Application Industry Machinery, Automotive, Electricity
Machining Process CNC Lathe, CNC milling center
Heat Treatment Hardening, Quench+ Temper
Surface Treatment Zinc plating, Powder coating, Painting, Anodizing
Quality Control PFMEA, PPAP, APQP, Control Plan, MSA
Machining Tolerance ±0.005mm, ISO2768-mk
Testing Facilities Spectrometer, CMM, Callipers, micrometer, projector Load test machine, Hardness tester, rough meter

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