Die Casting Process

die casting

Die casting is the manufacturing process of choice when producing high volumes of relatively complex metal parts and is widely used due to its versatility, reliability, and accuracy. Die casting eliminates all or most secondary operations needed to make a metal part; however, post-machining is common to meet tighter critical-to-function tolerances. Die casting parts can […]

Knowledge of stainless steel


What is stainless steel? Stainless steel is a type of steel. Steel refers to steel containing less than 2% of carbon (C), and more than 2% iron. The addition of chromium (Cr), nickel (Ni), manganese (Mn), silicon (Si), titanium (Ti), molybdenum (Mo), and other alloying elements during the smelting process improves the performance of the […]

Salt spray test of stainless steel


Corrosion is the damage or deterioration of materials or their properties caused by the environment. Most of the corrosion occurs in the atmosphere, which contains corrosive components and factors such as oxygen, humidity, temperature changes, and pollutants.   Salt spray corrosion is a common and most destructive atmospheric corrosion. The corrosion of salt spray on […]

What Is the Difference Between Investment Casting and Sand Casting?

investment casting

What Is the Difference Between Investment Casting and Sand Casting? Sand casting and investment casting are processes used to create net shape, near-finished metal components. However, despite their similarities in this simplified description, they differ in almost every way. Sand casting uses packed sand to make fragile molds, while investment casting uses refractory materials to […]

Pickling & passivation


Stainless steel equipment will inevitably damage the original surface state in the manufacturing process (cold processing and hot processing), for example, contact with iron products may cause iron ion pollution; Because of the heat input, the welding process will form the tempering color, and so on. Therefore, subsequent surface treatment is very necessary. For surface […]

What Are the Advantages of Investment Casting Products?

investment casting

What Are the Advantages of Investment Casting Products? Investment casting has various advantages that make it a critically important manufacturing process. These include: Complex geometries, thin walls, and fine features are relatively easy to achieve reliably, providing remarkable design freedom. The dimensional accuracy and repeatability of castings are very good, assuming the patterns are regular […]


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Electric discharge machining (EDM) is a special processing method that uses the electric erosion effect generated by the pulse discharge between the two electrodes immersed in the working fluid to erode conductive materials. Tool electrodes are usually made of electro-corrosion-resistant materials with good conductivity, high melting points, and easy processing, such as copper, graphite, copper-tungsten […]

What Are the Materials Suitable for Investment Casting?

investment casting

Some examples of materials suitable for investment casting: 1. Carbon Steel Carbon steel can be taken as a proxy for various alloys with detailed property differences that are very widely used in all sectors. These materials are extensively used in investment casting, as the method enables net shape creation of parts requiring limited post-casting work. […]

What Is the Step-by-Step Process of Investment Casting?

investment casting 2

Listed and discussed below is the step-by-step process of investment casting: 1. Create and Assemble the Wax Patterns There are three basic routes to delivering the precision wax patterns that are the starting point for investment casting. For decorative items and one-off products such as jewelry or technical items for which precision is a lower […]


sand casting (41)

Sandblasting is the process of cleaning and roughening the surface of the substrate by the impact of high-speed sand flow, that is, using compressed air as the power to form a high-speed jet beam to spray the spray material (copper ore, quartz sand, corundum, iron sand, Hainan sand) at high speed To the surface of […]

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