What Are the Advantages of Investment Casting Products?

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What Are the Advantages of Investment Casting Products?

Investment casting has various advantages that make it a critically important manufacturing process. These include:

  1. Complex geometries, thin walls, and fine features are relatively easy to achieve reliably, providing remarkable design freedom.
  2. The dimensional accuracy and repeatability of castings are very good, assuming the patterns are regular and identical.
  3. Surface finishes are generally good and the process can be tuned to deliver exceptional surface quality and precisely defined textures.
  4. Few limitations exist in material selection for casting—including: resins, ceramics, cement, most metals/alloys, and glass.
  5. General properties in the cast part faithfully reproduce the properties of the raw material.
  6. Material wastage is very low, as all feed/sprue parts can be re-used (except thermoset resins).
  7. Complex assemblies of multiple components can be consolidated into a single investment cast, reducing assembly time and potential failure points.
  8. Tooling costs are low (in comparison with die casting).
  9. Less post-processing is required than with typical sand casting.

What Are the Disadvantages of Investment Casting Products?

Investment casting is not a perfect process. Limitations and restrictions must be taken into account, including:

  1. Non-automated process costs are higher than for sand casting.
  2. Volume component costs are always higher than for die casting.
  3. The many steps in the process leave wide scope for error.
  4. The size and weight of one-piece castings are much more limited than for sand casting.
  5. The per-component cost is higher than for sand casting at the one-off level, with the differential eroding quickly with increased automation and volume of parts.
  6. Material limitations are not significant but must be taken into account.


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