Wax Pattern Dressing Process

Process requirements: room temperature 24℃±3℃


operating procedure

Before repairing the mold, it should be checked that the appearance of the wax mold is clear, the surface is smooth and smooth, there is no defect, the size meets the requirements, and there is no deformation.


Repair mold

1. Carefully and gently scrape off the flash or parting line along the surface of the wax mold with the edge of the blade, without damaging the wax mold. The small flash can also be directly wiped with a cloth.

2. Use repair wax to repair the depression of the wax model, and the surface should be smooth after repair.

3. The air bubbles on the wax mold must be broken and repaired with repair wax.

4. For castings with high requirements, the wax pattern wrinkles must be repaired and smoothed.

5. Use the compressed air nozzle to blow off the wax chips and place them in the storage tray as required.

6. Inspection after mold repair: check whether the wax mold is complete, whether it is deformed, whether the surface is rough, and whether the writing is qualified.

7. After the work is completed, clean up the site.



1. The polished wax model must meet the relevant inspection requirements.

2. The repaired wax mold should be neatly placed in the storage tray as required to prevent deformation.

3. Do a good job of safety and fire prevention.

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