Wax mold making

Wax Treatment Process Operation

Wax treatment process: (stand still in the bucket) stand for dehydration → (in addition to the water bucket) stirring evaporation dehydration → (stand still in the bucket) stand for decontamination


Process parameters:

a. The temperature of the standing barrel is 85-90℃.
b. Standing time 6-8h.
c. The stirring temperature of the water tank is 110-120℃.
d. The stirring time is 10-12h.
e. The temperature of the standing barrel is 80-85℃.
f. Standstill time > 12h.
g. The insulation temperature of the incubator is 54±2℃ and the insulation time is more than 24h.


Operating procedure

1. Check whether the equipment and temperature control instruments are in normal working condition.

2. Pour the old wax liquid recovered from the dewaxing kettle into the filter tank for filtration; then send it to the standing barrel, and let it stand for 6-8 hours at a temperature lower than 85-90 °C.

3. After the settling water is discharged, pour the wax liquid into the dewatering bucket.

4. Remove the wax liquid in the bucket, keep it warm at 110-120℃ and stir to evaporate the residual water until there is no foam on the surface of the wax liquid.

5. Filter the wax liquid that has been removed from the water through a <60 mesh screen and then put it into a standing bucket at 70°C-90°C, and keep it at rest for more than 12 hours.

6. The remaining water and impurities at the bottom of the bucket should be regularly released in addition to the bucket and the standing bucket.

7. Send the recovered wax liquid processed in the static barrel to the insulation barrel of the die wax press machine for the main production die (runner).

8. According to the performance of the old wax material and the consumption of the wax material, add a proper amount of new wax to the stationary bucket from time to time, generally about 3%-5%.

9. Pour the qualified wax liquid into the wax tank in the incubator. To reduce the gas in the wax liquid in the wax tank, keep it for a period of high temperature at 80℃/2h and then drop it to 54℃. It can be used to press wax molds after being kept at 54±2℃ for 24h.



1. In addition to the buckets, the standing buckets should be drained and drained in time.

2. Regularly check the working conditions of the temperature control instruments of each piece of equipment to prevent loss of control, especially to prevent the wax material from aging due to excessive temperature.

3. Check the liquid level of each heat transfer oil in the wax processing equipment once a month. The oil level should be about 200mm away from the top surface of the equipment to prevent oil from overflowing. And pay attention to checking the equipment for oil leakage.

4. Always check the environmental status to avoid dust and sundries mixed into the wax material.


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