Wax model combination (group tree)

Wax model combination

Process requirements

Room temperature 24℃±3℃.
After welding, the minimum distance between the upper surface of the wax mold and the upper edge of the sprue cup is not less than 60mm. Wax pattern spacing after welding is 6-8mm (minimum 4mm with holes, the spacing between grooves is slightly about 10-12mm; gate length is 8-12mm.


Operating procedure

1. Visually inspect all wax patterns again to ensure 100% qualified.

2. Select the type of runner according to the casting technology regulations.

3. Check the wax runner (die head) to ensure that it is qualified.

4. Install a cleaned cover plate on the sprue cup of the qualified wax runner, and make sure that it is flat and seamless. If there is a gap, the gap should be ironed with an electric iron to prevent the slurry from flowing into the shell.

5. Solder with bonding wax or electric soldering iron. Place the wax runner (die head), weld the wax mold neatly and firmly according to the technical regulations, and stick it on the runner (die head).

6. On the sprue cup of the welded wax module, mark the identification mark according to the metal material specified by the process.

7. Use compressed air to blow off the wax shavings on the module. Hang the module on the transport vehicle and send it to the mold-washing process. When the work is done, clean up the site.


1. The welding of the wax mold and the runner should be firm and seamless.

2. The wax molds welded on the same group of wax molds must be of the same material.

3. If there are wax drops on the wax model, the wax drops should be scraped off.

4. Pay attention to safety and cut off the power supply after work. And do a good job of fire safety.


Wax module cleaning

Process requirements

Wax pattern cleaner.  Room temperature 24℃±3℃


Operation process

1. Prepare the cleaning solution in proportion and stir.

2. Remove the assembled wax module that has been standing for more than 45 minutes from the transport trolley, first fully immerse the module in the cleaning solution, reciprocate three times in a row for about 5s, lift the module, and drip the liquid.

3. Take out the wax module and use compressed air to dry or cool the module.

4. Hang the cleaned module on the transport trolley.


Spot check module cleaning effect:

1. Select two groups from the same batch of cleaned modules, immerse them in silica sol (add 0.5% wetting agent by volume), and carefully check whether they are completely wetted after pulling out.

2. It can be completely wetted, indicating that the cleaning effect is good. The module can be rinsed in water to remove the silica sol, blown off with compressed air, and hung on the transport trolley for use.

3. If the modules cannot be completely wetted, the whole batch of modules must be washed again.



1. If the liquid level drops, replenish the new liquid in time. If there is white flake pollution, it should be placed for 24 hours, 2/3 of the clean solution is sucked out, the rest of the dirty solution is poured out, and a new solution is added, and it can be used again. (Generally, each cleaning solution can be used for about 40 days, more than 6000-8000 groups)

2. During the use of the cleaning solution, the fallen wax mold should be taken out in time. After use, remove all foreign matter and seal it with a cap.

3. There should be ventilation equipment in the module cleaning room, and the air should be circulated. And strictly prohibit fireworks, do a good job of safety and fire prevention.

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