Tight Tolerances of Stamping



Our precision metal stamping services can deliver your part’s desired shape, whether you’re in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, or electronics industry. We strive to meet your tolerance requirements by iterating on the tool and die design to fine-tune the output to meet your needs. However, the tighter the tolerances, the more challenging and costly this becomes. Precision metal stampings with tight tolerances can be brackets, clips, inserts, connectors, fittings, and other parts in consumer appliances, electrical grids, planes, and automobiles. They’re also used to create implants, surgical instruments, temperature probes, and other medical device parts like housings and pump components.


Regular checks to ensure the output still measures up to specifications are typical for all stamping after each successive run. Quality and consistency are part of a Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) program to detect wear in stamping tools (commonly made of D2 steel). Measurements with a check-fixture (or check-gauge) are standard for long-run stamping lines.

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