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We offer a wide variety of production volumes for sheet metal stamping, including:

Low Volume Production

Low volume production is any amount up to 100,000 units. Most stamping projects are at least 1000 units to ensure cost-effectiveness for the customer. Customers use smaller metal stamping orders to bridge the development of a product between prototypes and mass manufacturing and to see how well a product will do on the market. Low volume production also helps if a buyer is looking for customized products. We offer low per-unit costs, even for small volumes.

Medium Volume Production

Medium volumes of production are between 100,000 and 1 million units. This amount of metal stamping production offers the flexibility of low-volume orders while enabling a lower price per part. It will also offer lower up-front costs for tooling.

High Volume Production

High volume production includes orders of over 1 million parts. While metal stamping is very scalable, it’s an incredibly cost-effective manufacturing process for high volumes, as this drives down unit costs stemming from the price of creating custom tooling.

Short Run Stamping

Short-run stamping is a low-volume production run with limited tool revisions. With short runs, overall costs will be less since you won’t need to change processes or equipment as much. Very short runs will have no changing factors, enabling the lowest price. These production capabilities are best for parts requiring less flexibility, low volume, or entering a new market.

Long Run Stamping

Long-run stamping is a more involved production run in which all factors are variable, allowing for greater flexibility over time as the production line is tuned and optimized for scale. Long-run stamping will incur more costs as each process, material, or machine part may be changed and tested. However, these changes provide consistent quality, low per-unit costs, and incredible throughput of up to hundreds of parts a minute.


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