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die casting

Several different metal materials are available to choose from when manufacturing using die casting. The material you choose will depend on your intended use for the product. For instance, cast aluminum parts are common in aerospace or automotive applications where corrosion resistance and weight reduction are essential factors. You can learn more about the main types of die casting materials we offer in the sections below. If you have a specific material request, just let us know!

Aluminum Die Casting

Aluminum alloys are the most widely used for die cast parts. Aluminum die casting suppliers benefit from the total recyclability of the material and its ease of use. Due to the comparatively higher melting point, aluminum die casting may require a cold chamber casting process. Engineers use cast aluminum parts primarily for their great strength to weight ratios, dimensional stability, and diverse finishing options. Some of the other common characteristics of cast aluminum alloys are:

  • Withstand high operating temperatures
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Good stiffness
  • High thermal and electrical conductivity

Engineers and designers can choose from a wide range of alloys for their aluminum casting parts.


Zinc Die Casting

Zinc is the easiest to cast material among the die casting metals and is typically used in hot chamber processes. Molten zinc has exceptional casting fluidity and a lower melting point. Its strength and stiffness allow it to produce parts with thinner walls and highly detailed features and maintain tight tolerances. The low melting point of die casting zinc alloys means the die casted parts cool off and solidify more quickly, which results in the fastest production rates of the die casting materials. Zinc is an all-around well-performing material due to its balance of mechanical and physical characteristics, which include:

  • Impact strength
  • High hardness
  • Great stability
  • High-quality surface finish and easily plated
  • Low melting point


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