Benefits of Precision Grinding

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Precision grinding is a cost-effective process because of its ability to achieve precise dimensions in large volumes of parts. Not only is the process fast, but it’s also versatile and highly reliable. Precision grinding can be used on a wide array of materials, including hardened steel and non-ferrous metals, and seldom produces non-conforming parts.

2. Accuracy

A high degree of accuracy is a huge advantage of precision grinding. In manufacturing, machining processes like milling and turning are used to achieve dimensions close to what is required. While required dimensions can often be achieved with these machining processes, grinding enables manufacturers to remove tiny amounts of material to create extremely accurate parts.

3. Reliable

Precision grinding is a highly reliable process. Defects seldom occur during grinding processes, since the process is easy to set up, highly efficient, and applies less pressure to the workpiece than other processes used to obtain precise dimensions like machining.

4. Tight Tolerances

Tight tolerances are another advantage of precision grinding. With precision grinding, tolerances can be achieved as tight as +0.00025”. Tolerances this low are great for parts commonly manufactured for the automotive, aerospace, and medical industries. Especially in the medical industry where parts are fitted to or implanted into a person’s body, precise parts are absolutely essential.

5. Smooth Surface Finishes

Precision grinding produces very smooth surface finishes. This is important not just for functionality, such as in medical parts like surgical instruments, but also for the aesthetic qualities of the finished product.

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