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Applications of CNC Milling

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Aerospace: CNC machining has developed in different areas of aerospace due to its accurate, adaptable nature and ability to process a wide range of materials. Milling is very useful in the aerospace industry, like:

  • Turbine parts
  • Structural parts

Electronics: precision and miniaturization are important in the electrical industry. Milling machines offer versatility to perform intricate cuts and shapes for various electronic components, like:

  • Components
  • enclosures

Medical: In the medical sector, high accuracy and precision are required. Milling has a crucial role in medical devices and instruments, such as:

  • Prosthetics
  • Orthoses
  • Implants
  • Other surgical instruments.

Automotive: Milling has vast applications in the automotive sector. It is a versatile process because it can be used for both small quantities and large production runs. Manufacturers fabricate different parts, such as:

  • Engine Parts
  • Custom Flanges

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