Alloy tool steel for mold


Alloy tool steel is medium and high carbon steel containing a variety of alloying elements, such as silicon, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, etc. Alloy tool steel is easy to harden and is not prone to deformation and cracks. It is suitable for manufacturing cutting tools, molds, and measuring tools with large sizes and complex shapes. The carbon content of alloy tool steel is also different for different uses. The carbon content ωc of most alloy tool steels is 0.5%-1.5%. The carbon content of hot deformation mold steel is lower, ωc is in the range of 0.3%-0.6%; the steel for cutting tools generally contains about ωc1% carbon; cold working Mold steel has a higher carbon content. For example, graphite mold steel has a carbon content of ωc up to 1.5%, and high-carbon, high-chromium cold working mold steel has a carbon content of more than 2%.

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