Advantages and Disadvantages of Metal Stamping



Advantages of Metal Stamping

Stamping is suitable for mass, complex part production. More specifically, it offers:

  • Complex forms, such as contours
  • High volumes (from thousands to millions of parts per year)
  • Processes such as fineblanking allow for forming of thick metal sheets.
  • Low cost-per-piece prices

Disadvantages of Metal Stamping

Metal stamping’s disadvantages are its setup costs and timelines. Production is quick and inexpensive after tool finalization. Its disadvantages include:

  • Longer lead times on first parts (as time is needed to create dies).
  • Tooling, check fixtures, and non-renewable engineering drive upfront costs needed for stamp production lines.
  • In order to ensure the product can be reliably produced to specification, suppliers often need to iterate on die design multiple times before production commences.


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